Pick Up On: Hidden Pictures

I was walking in the summer heat under shady old trees in a strange but friendly neighborhood in my city and listening to the lovely, well-crafted music of Hidden Pictures when a novel thought struck me: “Hey, I’d actually pay money for this.”

So there’s a testimonial for ya. But before you demure away from the sales pitch, here is an offer you can refuse (but we hope you don’t), two delightful songs from Kansas City’s Hidden Pictures, gratis.

The band is currently a quintet centered around guitarist Richard Gintowt and flautist/glockenspielist (or is that “glockenspieler”?) Michelle Sanders. They recorded first as an acoustic duo, but as a full band they’ve truly come into their own. The band’s debut album Synchronized Sleeping absolutely sparkles with charm.

 “Working On A Way Out” opens strongly with a hook of duel acoustic guitar and glockenspiel, then picks up a string section and some nifty electric guitar before building beautifully into the climax. “She Fights Back” is an engaging little character portrait, and has one of the best bridges I’ve heard in a while.

I could easily see this band doing quite well in the UK. Gintowt’s voice instantly reminds me of Neil Finn, and the boy/girl harmonies of the band recall both Beautiful South and the Magic Numbers. Have a listen, sing along. . . .

Check out: Working On A Way Out [MP3]

Check out: She Fights Back [MP3]

Stream or purchase (only $5):Synchronized Sleeping


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