Blogophilia Summer Mix 2011

Gapless mix of 2011 tunes for your listening pleasure: click here for ZIP file

TheDaDaDa Summer Mix 2011

1.       You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown
Over the Sun, Under the Water (from Chromatic)
2.       BibioTake Off Your Shirt (from Mind Bokeh)
3.       Black LipsModern Art (from Arabia Mountain)
4.       Stripmall ArchitectureDaylight Machine
(from Feathersongs for Factory Girls (Part Two))
5.       Son LuxRising (from We Are Rising)
6.       Royal BangsFireball (from Flux Outside)
7.       White DenimAnvil Everything (from D)
8.       Hooray for EarthNo Love (from True Loves)
9.       ZombyThings Fall Apart (from Dedication)
10.   Washed OutEyes Be Closed (from Within and Without)
11.   The Beastie BoysMake Some Noise
(from Hot Sauce Committee Part 2)
12.   Return to MonoFramebreaker (from Framebreaker)
13.   Ruby CoastDr. Acula (from Whatever This Is)
14.   The KillsDNA (from Blood Pressures)
15.   The Fiery PianoWild Animals (from Sirens EP)
16.   Bon AccordGlazed (from True Delusion EP)
17.   WATERSFor The One (from Out In The Light)
18.   PaleoIn the Movies (from Fruit of the Spirit)
19.   The Poison Control CenterSeagull (from Stranger Ballet)
20.   Cassettes Won’t ListenPerfect Day (from EVINSPACEY)
21.   Handsome FursRepatriated (from Sound Kapital)

Happy 4th…


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