Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: Meet Le Prince Miiaou

Le Prince Miiaou (pronounced /Mew/) is not royalty, not a cat, and not a boy.

Le Prince Miiaou is the stage name of Maud-Elisa Mandeau, and her stage presence will immediately make you think of Cat Power or PJ Harvey. She chose the name because she likes the innocence of the word “meow” (which the French pronounce a little differently), because she does not work democratically with her backing band, and because the name will never be confused with any English female singer.

 She grew up in the French countryside, in the little village of Réaux (population 400), near the town of Jonzac, in southwestern France, later moving to Bordeaux and then Paris. She grew up listening to jazz and French lefty pop singer Jacques Higelin in the living room, Chopin and the folk music of Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco in the kitchen, and popular music like Spice Girls and Green Day in the bedroom.But from across the hall, she heard her brother playing Nirvana, Doors, and Radiohead.

 Now she names Mogwai, Higelin, PJ Harvey, Arcade Fire, and Radiohead as her primary influences. She is a self-taught musician. She worked with a post-rock band as guitarist and singer from 2002 to 2006 before going solo to compose her own songs.

Stubborn and ferocious, she records her parts independently from the drums and backing arrangements. In 2008 she released both the EP and full-length Safety First, featuring the anthem for outcasts, “Football Team.” Her new album Fill the Blank with Your Own Emptiness was released in this year, which beget the singles “J’ai Deux Yuex” and “Turn Me Off.”

Bienvenu, Le Prince Miiaou.

Watch: “Football Team”

Watch: J’ai Deux Yuex”

Watch: “Turn Me Off”

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