Friday Free Feature: Air Museum

Comprising a collective of Pacific Northwest musicians, Air Museum is apparently a one-off collaboration employing aerial themes as inspiration and organizing concept.  The project includes Levi Fuller (who manages the Ball of Wax music initiative/Blog of Wax), Casey Alexander and Rick Wright (both of Wesafari), James Nixon, and Jen Wood (formerly of Tattle Tale).  Given the implicit theme and focus, topics in the Air Museum are surprisingly diverse, including juvenile thrill seeking, outer space cabin fever, lamentations of mountain climbers, and a conspicuous ode to a children’s balloon; musical styles also vary widely, ranging from melodious, languid ballads to experimental & art rock.  What’s most impressive about this collaboration is the relative ease with which diverse talents and sounds hang seamlessly together across 10 tracks.  Air Museum is a solid record, well worth the download & repeated listens, and a nice introduction to some “up-and-coming” Northwest artists.

Check Out: Helium Balloon [mp3]

Check Out: (Sexy) Space Suit [mp3]

Check Out: All My Friends [mp3]

Stream or Download: Air Museum


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