On the Radar: Hemmingbirds

Hemmingbirds make electric and acoustic indie rock, and they do it well.  The Chicago four-piece’s debut LP, Death Wave, is refined yet audacious, displaying intriguing compositions, intricate acoustic guitar, charming melodies, and measured use of heavy rock riffs and 4-part harmonies.  Guitarist and singer Yoo Soo Kim has serious guitar chops and is capable of soaring vocals, but exercises appropriate restraint, allowing songs to develop organically and punching them only when fitting.  The first single from Death Wave is ‘Mellow Gold Haze’, a hummable, upbeat gem of an indie rock tune.  We are also featuring the intense rocker ‘Slippery Slope’.  If you like these songs, pick up Death Wave.

 Check Out: Mellow Gold Haze [mp3]

Check Out: Slippery Slope [mp3]

Stream: Death Wave


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