The New 06.28.11

This week “the New” features tracks from Centro-Matic, Hooded Fang, Black Whales, John Maus, and others:

Centro-MaticOnly In My Double Mind [mp3] (from Candidate Waltz, out now)

Hooded FangDen of Love [mp3] (from Tosta Mista, out July 26)

Black WhalesLately [mp3] (from Shangrila Indeed, out today)

John Maus Quantum Leap [mp3] (from We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, out today)

Bodies of WaterLike a Stranger [mp3] (from Twist Again, out now)

Blithe FieldCrushing [mp3] (from Two Hearted, out today)

The Poison Control CenterSome Ordinary Vision [mp3] (from Stranger Ballet, out now)

A Scribe Amidst the LionsBackdoor Betty [mp3] (from The Lidless Kind, out now)

SundressDerelict [mp3]

Finding FictionMigraines & Sheep [mp3]

Bad Passion Rockin Your Beats [mp3]


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