On the Radar: Arundel


“A Deep Freeze” is a new single from Arundel, the musical persona of Lucas Arundell, an electronica artist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He is a writer/producer who frequently collaborates with other area musicians as a producer and remixer while also recording his own original compositions. In 2010, Arundel release the EP Naturestrip and a follow-up EP is in the works, to be released this year.

 “A Deep Freeze” is a charming gem of a song that features vocals from Simon Crossley of Skypilot and Kate Jacobson of Texas Tea.

The song begins with an intro of appropriately chilly strings that can’t help but remind me (in my mind’s eye) of the sound of a landing party from the Enterprise beaming down into a hostile environment on an episode of Star Trek, and frankly, that’s a terrific place to start (though you are welcome to supply your own imagery). From here, every element of the song is carefully sculpted to portray a delicately-crafted tale. Strings glide into place, swirl around crisp beats, and two vocal lines intertwine to paint a graceful portrait of love, angst, and emotional negotiations. The tension is artful, and every detail is perfectly placed by attentive hands. The song tells a sort of mini-opera with the full weight of a short story, all in just five minutes. See if you don’t agree.

Check out: A Deep Freeze (feat. Simon Crossley & Kate Jacobson) [MP3]

Stream or download (name your price): Naturestrip


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