“The New” – Ocracoke Edition 6.23.11

As I was fortunate enough to be at the beach with the family this week, I missed posting “The New”.  Here’s what I’ve been able to dig up upon my return:

Twin Sister Bad Street [MP3] (from In Heaven, out September 27)

Slim Cessna’s Auto ClubA Smashing Indictment of Character [MP3] (from Unentitled, out now)

Future IslandsBefore the Bridge [MP3] (from Before the Bridge 7″)

Caroline Smith and the Good Night SleepsTanktop [MP3], Scholarships [MP3] (from Little Wind, out September 20)

The Devil WhaleStanding Stones [MP3] (from Teeth, out now)

DivaGlow Worm [MP3] (from The Glitter End, out now)

PontiakPart III [MP3] (from Comecrudos, out now)

Cuckoo ChaosJesus Flag American Fish [MP3] (from Jesus Flag American Fish, out now)

PlanningtorockThe Breaks [MP3]

German Error MessageIn Comforting [MP3]


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