On the Radar:To Disappear

I did not realize To Disappear would grow on me as they have, but I’m a sucker for Morrissey-esque croons, especially when laid atop a counterpoint of chugging guitar, so I shouldn’t be surprised. More intense than Smoking Popes, a little heavier (and less acid-laced) than the Smiths, To Disappear is jawbreaker candy for my ears.

 From Whistler, B.C, Canada, this four-piece is fronted by Australian guitarist Ben Sharples and includes members of three other nationalities: Vocalist Xavier Martinez Galiana is from Spain, British-born Scott Barrow plays drums, and multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeremy Royal (formerly of indie-space rockers Loomer), is from Ontario. It’s an unlikely mix, but the chemistry seems to work in their favor.

 A very solid rhythm section provides support for ripping guitar slashes and a ringing high end. The buzz and whine combine with the genuine swoon of the vocals quite nicely. This is one sturdy band, pensive and plodding at the same time. They make it sound easy, but repeated listens reveal depth and more-than-a-little technique.

 “To Be By Your Side” features a wail of a chorus that hooks the listener with deceptive ease. “Carousel” has a nice build to the climax. Something about the whole mix reminds me pleasantly of Interpol. It’s got that kind of earnestness. For folks who like a little melody blended in with their heaviness, To Disappear might just prove memorable.

 Check out: To Be By Your Side [MP3]

 Check out: Carousel [MP3]

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