On the Radar: Simodo Dragons

The first three tag words for this album on bandcamp.com are “freak,” “folk,” and “Scotland,” and frankly that is all you need to know about Simodo Dragons. However, since my job is to write words, I shall elaborate.

 Simodo Dragons is Thomas Simodo from Braidwood, a small village between Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. He is twenty-six-years-old. He is equipped with little formal training in music, some experience with playing bass in a band, and a laptop and a cheap guitar. This is his debut album. He acquits himself

This is not rock music. This is not music for impatient teenagers or club dancers. This isn’t for all of you, just the thoughtful ones who find value in the fine line between repetition and variation. This can be easily classified as “ambient,” but I would like to avoid the rubber stamp dismissal which comes shrink-wrapped to that word, because no matter who you are, you can probably find a use for the trustworthy meanderings of Simodo Dragons. Writing, relaxing, sleeping, or just plain thinking are all worthy activities that will benefit greatly from choosing From a to m as your soundtrack. Give it a go and see for yourself.

 If you own any albums by Robert Fripp, you need this. If the name Brian Eno holds a warm place in your heart, you need this. If you have ever tuned in to Stephen Hill’s excellent program Hearts of Space on NPR, you need this. If you even know who John Cage is, please be aware that you need this.

 If clock workings could be made out of wind, they’d sound exactly like this.

 Pushing past all the flowery words, though, “freak folk Scotland” sums it up well enough.

 Check out: b [mp3]

 Download or stream: From a to m


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