On the Radar: arrange

The musician(s) in arrange want you to listen to their music – three albums are available for free on bandcamp (with vinyl also available for a modest fee).  (Click here to check them out.)  They apparently, however, do not want you to know much about their personnel.  There is no link to a band page, and it is difficult to find any information on the interweb. Try typing “arrange music” or “arrange band” into Google and see what you get!  arrange (with a small ‘a’) seems chosen purposefully to obfuscate information on the artist(s).  There’s a Fort Lauderdale tag on bandcamp, so we can assume they’re based in the Sunshine State. 

Combining elements of post-rock and electronica, the music is anything but sunny.  The songs are composed of simple melodies on piano and guitar, backed by solid yet austere drumming, and surrounded by various atmospherics and sound effects – phasing synth chords, backwards tape loops, and tape hiss. The vocals sound like a sickly Connor Oberst drunk on rhythm and blues.  Fans of Mogwai and The Album Leaf will dig the music of arrange.

Check out: Tiny Little Boy [mp3]

Check out: Veins [mp3]

Stream or download: Plantation (July 2011)

Stream or download: Quiet State (January 2011)


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