The New 06.14.11

This week’s new stuff includes Black Lips, Hooray for Earth, The Rosebuds, Ryan Driver, Betty Black, and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks:

Black Lips Modern Art [mp3] (from Arabia Mountain – out now)

Hooray for Earth No Love [mp3] (from True Loves – out now)

The Rosebuds Woods [mp3] (from Loud Planes Fly Low – out now)

Ryan Driver Everything Must Spin [mp3] (from Who’s Breathing? – out now)

Betty Black Spring Blossoms [mp3] (from Slow Dance EP – out June 28)

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks Senator [mp3] (from Mirror Traffic – out August 23)

Botanical Bullets We Bleed Fluorescent [mp3] (from We Bleed Fluorescent – out June 14)

Vetiver Wonder Why [mp3] (from The Errant Charm – out June 14)

Telepathe Destroyer [mp3] (from Destroyer)

Arc In Round II [mp3] (from forthcoming II Ep)

Zomby Things Fall Apart [mp3] (from Dedication – out July 12)

Sun Airway Wild Palms [mp3] (from Wild Palms 7” – out now)

CYMBALS Jane [mp3]


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