Pick Up On: Afterlife Parade

 There are love songs, and there are death songs, and if you’ve read the name of this band, you know what you’re gonna find here. But it may be more than you expect.

 Singer/songwriter Quinn Erwin has spent the last twelve years working as a solo artist and given us two releases, the EP A New Day (2009) and the full length A Million Miles Away (2010).  He works now out of Nashville, and his latest EP, Death, produced by Jeremy McCoy (of The Fray) is to be followed by companion EP Rebirth later this summer. These new songs came about after being confronted with recent losses suffered by friends around him and in his own life. He chose to tackle the age old issue with a new attitude. “I couldn’t recall if I had ever heard any songs about death that were triumphant and celebratory,” he explains. “So I made it my mission to write one.”

Rocking instead of morose, bright instead of dimming, Erwin manages to make a song with the title “Death” sound both profound and driving. “Nothing But Love Can Stay” features a lovely duet vocal with Nashville hair and makeup artist Tianna Calcagno. They immediately invite repeated listens.

 Anyone can find welcome here on this strange yet familiar ground, and the sound will immediately appeal to fans of Sufjan Stevens. Comparisons to Arcade Fire‘s Funeral are inevitable, but this is a more personal statement, less wildly cathartic but healing nonetheless. Superb.

Check out:  Nothing But Love Can Stay [MP3]


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