Sunday Ramblings & Consideration: 06.12.11

In this edition: Checking back with the Painted Palms, Meet The Alternates, this week’s considerations, and some videos…

Check back with: Painted Palms

Last year, Painted Palms released their debut EP, Canopy, via Bandcamp as a free download. Canopy was a Friday Free Feature back in December, and we’ve tried to stay on top of where they’re headed. Since that time, the San Francisco-based duo signed to Secretly Canadian who will be releasing a remastered 12″ of Canopy on June 21. We have a copy of the remastered track, All of Us, as well as a cover of the Dirty Projectors’  I Will Truck, and a remix of Lord Huron‘s Mighty.

Check out: All of Us

Check out: I Will Truck (Dirty Projectors cover)(Dirty Projectors’ cover)

Check out: Lord Huron – Mighty (Painted Palms remix) (Painted Palms remix)

Meet: The Alternates

On June 14, The Alternates will release their debut EP, Spiders and Webs on Luxury Wafers. They are currently offering the title track and The Modern Way, for the price of an email via their website. The single, Spiders and Webs, is a straight ahead rocker with clean power chords and a tempo that will help you pick up the pace in whatever you’re doing. The Modern Way is a folky little pop tune with a message about social and environmental injustice.  The Los Angeles sextet are touring around California this summer to support their efforts.

Check out: Spiders and Webs [stream]

Check out: The Modern Way [stream]

Consider These

Videos, videos, videos

Get PeopleRain Tears

Sondre LerchePrivate Caller

Tom VekWorld of Doubt

Cults – Abducted



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