On the Radar: Heypenny

Nashville’s Heypenny are bringing amusement back.  They list their influences as Wilco, Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead, and Elliott Smith (quite a respectable list, no doubt, that is probably common among many of the bands I like), but I also hear the sway of 80s alternative, pop, and R&B in their gleeful tunes.  I suspect they are in my age group (or near to it).  Heypenny specialize in madcap, high energy alterna-pop, reminiscent of Dismemberment Plan or the better moments of the Arctic Monkeys.  Their new album, A Jillion Kicks, abounds with energetic thump, flourishing harmonies, and electronic crescendos, and provides a grand soundtrack for the summertime.  Stand out tracks include ‘Parade’, ‘Cop Car’, and ‘Give Me the Ball’.  The featured song ‘Water’ is a raucous, energetic jam with heavy, strident bass line and Zeppelin-style, classic rock guitar interludes.  A Jillion Kicks is an impressive and solid effort – go ahead, let yo’self to be amused. Click here for access to their catalog.

Check Out: Water [mp3] (from A Jillion Kicks)


Watch: ‘Cop Car’

Watch: ‘Parade’


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