On the Radar: Brett Shady

The very name Nevada City calls to mind high dry plains, rocks and scrub brush, and whether or not this is what it actually looks like, the mental image a is perfect backdrop for the music of Brett Shady. His new album, The Devil To Pay, was recorded here in his home town with producer Dana Gumbiner (Joanna Newsom, The Moore Brothers). Here are two choice tunes from the album for your perusal.

 Endearing and catchy, “God, Change the Laws of The World” is a embraceable waltz, almost anthemic in nature. The jangly guitar-with-capo, banjo, tambourine slaps, sharp lyric, and aching melody immediately stay in the memory. This is the kind of sing-along that could easily become a highlight of live shows, that secret personal favorite that turns out to be everybody else’s favorite, too.

 The album benefits from sparse, simple arrangements and elegant touches of piano and overdubbed guitar voicings that highlight the melody and sad beauty of songs like “She Ain’t Worth It.” Each of his songs fit right into that high desert vista of the mind’s eye. Dreamy tunes for dreamy skies.

Check out: God, Change The Laws Of The World [MP3]

Check out: She Ain’t Worth It [MP3]


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