The New 060711

This week’s new stuff includes Oax, Robert Pollard, Ocota Soul Sounds, Son Lux, and My Morning Jacket:

Oax Love and Crashing [mp3] from The Distance

Robert PollardIn a Circle [mp3] from Lord of the Birdcage

Ocota Soul SoundsPirata [mp3] from Taurus (released 31 May 2011)

Son LuxRising [mp3] from We Are Rising

My Morning JacketCircuital (released 31 May 2011)

NeighborsAugust [mp3] from August EP

WatersFor The One [mp3] from Out in the Light (out 20 Sept 2011)

Erik GundelYou Brought Joy [mp3] from You Brought Joy EP

John LamonicaWolf Protestor [mp3] from Volunteers

Neils NeilsenTell Me Now and We Are Youth [mp3s] from Cmon Vultures: Vol 1

The Mast Wild Poppies [mp3] from Wild Poppies (out 21 June 2011)



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