Sunday Ramblings & Considerations

In this edition: The Paper Scissors share their latest single, Meet NOWONDER, and the weekly considerations and videos as all three bloggers have something to share.

The Paper Scissors to Release New Album, Share Latest Single

Back in January, we featured the single Lung Sum from the Sydney-based band, The Paper Scissors. We’re excited to share with you the single, Taller Than You Then.  Propelled by a driving back beat and Jai Pyne’s poignant, angst-filled vocals, the latest track is gripping. Taller Than You Then is a nice complement to the radio-friendly track, Lung Sum.  In each, Pyne stands out as a lyricist and vocalist,  while bandmates Xavier Naughton (bass) and Ivan Lisyak (drums, album producer) lay a solid post-rock foundation.  These two singles set the bar high for the upcoming LP, In Loving Memory, which could be an international breakthrough for the Aussie trio.

In Loving Memory will be released on June 17 through Source Music / MGM Distribution. In anticipation of this latest release, The Paper Scissors are also offering the album cut of Lung Sum on Facebook. Go get that and…

Check out: Taller Than You Then [mp3]

Watch: Lung Sum

Meet NOWONDER (post: C.L. Cucumber)

The enigmatic Danny Choi

“Yo….., It’s almost time to go.”  If you have toddlers, then you probably recognize the parting phrase of DJ Lance Rock.  Nick, Jr. television program Yo, Gabba Gabba offers indie rock parents a respite from the terrible sing-song tripe of Barney the Purple dinosaur and the Fresh Beat Band.  Featuring indie rock acts (e.g. Red House PaintersThe Ting TingsThe Shins, The Roots), introducing musical instruments & concepts, and promoting non-stop booty-shaking, Yo, Gabba Gabba is a favorite in my household.  We were thus intrigued by a submission from Nowonder– a project of Los-Angeles based electro-pop artist Danny Choi, because he served on the music production staff of Yo, Gabba Gabba.  The four tracks on Nowonder’s Color the Concrete EP are replete with whirling, atmospheric electronics; clamorous techno beats; and addictive pop hooks.

Check out: Dream [SoundCloud stream]

Stream/Download: Color the Concrete [Bandcamp]

Consider These:

–ARE WE NOT MEN? Middle Mojo has a great interview with Gerald Casale of DEVO.

–On June 3, Okkervil River stopped into WXPN studios to perform on the World Cafe. The week before, TV on the Radio stopped through XPN.

–Did you hear that Coldplay dropped a track? It seems like everyone got on that

–The Mail Online has a feature on Ringo Starr.  In it, he’s quoted as saying that Paul likes to think he’s the only remaining Beatle.  I am sure that Paul couldn’t care less, as Ringo is wont to ranting. Remember, “peace and love, peace and love everyone.”

–The NY Times has an informative obituary on Gil Scott-Heron.

Videos, videos, videos…

This Frontier Needs HeroesSpace Baby

Sons & DaugtersBreaking Fun

Foster the PeoplePumped Up Kicks

Friendly FiresLive Those Days

White LiesBigger Than Us



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