Friday’s Free Feature: Bester (2011 Demos)

Sometimes the Friday Free Feature is a product of wanting to find something different than what exists in the old inbox. We love submissions, but the blog started with our desire to trek out into the interwebs for something new. Like nerdy versions of Leif Erikson or James T. Kirk (although we’re not Trekkies or Trekkers or whatever those folks are called), we set out to explore new material and bring it back to our humble blog. Sometimes we venture into virgin territory, other times we discover something that’s already received a little attention. So begins the story of this week’s Friday Free Feature…

What do you do when you stumble upon a band, that seemingly has no MySpace, Facebook, or hosted web space?  You Google the hell out of the band name, the band members names, and still come up empty (except to realize a couple of other bloggers have beat you to the punch!).  You mine their Twitter account for all it’s worth, and get this cute set of photos:

photo posted to Twitter, presumably by Courtney Freeman

Then you realize that your behavior is border line stalker, you take a cold shower, admit defeat, and write something like this:

Courtney Freeman and John Lo Galbo are Bester, a lo-fi bluesy outfit from somewhere in New York. At times, new bands tend to use demos as a method of finding their sound, and the 2011 Demos definitely have that feel. The pair dabbles in blues, jazz, folk, and a little surf rock.  Freeman’s vocals vary from smoky and sultry to melancholy and soulful. Lo Galbo’s guitar work is beyond commendable, as he transitions through genres explored by the duo. There’s not a clunker in this seven-song collection of demos, and this bears well for those who like to queue up something and let it repeat.

Check out: No Money (Demo) [mp3]

Check out: My Drum [mp3]

Download: 2011 Demos (formerly known as “The Basement Demos”) [Bandcamp]

Watch: Larkin from Bester’s third open mic at Waltz Astoria

We like you Bester… drop us a line some time.

Happy Friday, y’all!


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