Free Mixtape from Joywave: 77777

Hailing all space cadets, Dan Dares, and Major Toms!

 Do you need a soundtrack for your summer sci-fi reading, something to put you in the mood for Piers Anthony or A.C. Clarke? Or maybe you just want to get lost in a daydream and space out and ponder your own internal monologue? Well, then give this new mix tape from Rochester, New York’s Joywave a go. It’s a nicely-curated jumble of song bits from established artists re-imagined and re-integrated as new tunes, blending in the lengthy samples almost seamlessly with original material from the guys of Joywave.

On the surface, a Frankenstein hodgepodge of effects, found sounds, pitch manipulation, and a wonderfully persistent aesthetic, these eleven songs channel everyone from Wayne Coyne, James Murphy and the Pet Shop Boys to Cosmos’ Carl Sagan, TV composer Mike Snow, and Bond composer John Barry in a quiet, danceable melange that never gets awkward or abrupt. This groove abides.

Every track is autumnal, contemplative, moody. From beginning to end, the listener is transported, starting off in a cloud of windblown leaves (or is that shuffling papers or exploding fireworks?) in “Winnipeg”, then immediately is launched up out of the atmosphere, past the neighboring planets and satellites, “Titan,” and off to a distant star, “Betelgeuse,” to be abandoned finally, alone and wearing only a spacesuit, on an eternal arc out into the unknown at the absolute limit of velocity, left to your fate among the dispassionate stars.

If you’re amenable to this mood , (and you won’t know until you actually hear this), 77777 is a strong and impressive work of creative anthologizing. It absolutely rewards repeated listens. The result is a solid artistic vision and a damn-tidy complete journey. The only thing missing is a nice weathered LP jacket for you to stare at for hours and roll numbers on.

Check out: Joywave’s Mixtape – 77777 [stream or download ZIP file]


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