On the Radar: Return to Mono

This Memorial Day post is from Apathos, a new contributing blogger from South Louisiana.

From San Fran comes Framebreaker, the first full-length release from electro art pop act Return To Mono, a trio featuring Andy Sybilrud’s analogue synth tones and beats, the guitar punctuations of J.G. Paulos, and the sexy, slinky reptile vocals of Tanya Kelleher. These club-friendlies have some serious crossover appeal.

 Warm, pulsing Moog glides through floor-thumping beats, fleshed out by buzzing and crawling synth textures and the periodic figures of both gentle nylon guitar and crunchy, distorted electric riffs that give the dance bounce enough oomph and melody to provide lasting substance.

 The variety and ingenuity of the electronic textures and counter-melodies at work here are simply impressive, a nice relief from off-the-shelf plug-and-play DJ dance music. Imagine a sentient pong machine brewing espresso spiked with narcotic ether in a dripping brickwork crypt deep under the bay. Guiding you through the labyrinth with a gentle touch is the ever-present voice of Kelleher, a brooding but welcome companion who’d be right at home riding the elbow of Doctor Who, on their way to the cash bar. A potent concoction awaits you. Drink up.

Check out: Framebreaker [MP3]

Check out: Black Swan [MP3]

Honor those who’ve served our country; Happy Memorial Day!


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