Friday’s Free Feature: Get Two from Plastic People

Plastic People is the alter ego of Sebastien Ficagna of Jassans-Riottier, France.  He has two very good and very different albums, Good As You (2010) and Pink Narcisius (2011).

In the promotional materials, Good As You is described as a demo. Maybe it’s more of a coming out party. Ficagna uses language to suggest some sort of transformation has occurred, and that his alter ego has taken control and is also capable of expressing his emotions. Good As You is full of electro-rock and pop punk. Ficagna sings recklessly over driving, pulsing tracks that demand movement. This is the type of album that leads to speeding tickets. It’s relentless.

Check out: Exciting Unknown [mp3]

Check out: My Proud [mp3]

Pink Narcisius is a completely different album. Let’s call it getting back to nature, as the edgy, compressed electronics are mostly abandoned. Elements of French Folk, post punk and cold wave mark this album, which is exceptional in how it draws from these elements to create something wholly original and entertaining. Pink Narcisius deserves your time; lock yourself in a room and set your media player to repeat.

Check out: Nothing is Eternal [mp3]

Check out: My Picture [mp3]

Download/Stream: Good As You [Bandcamp]

Download/Stream: Pink Narcisius [Bandcamp]

Bon Vendredi, mes amis!


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