Pick Up On: Sleepwalkers

Somewhere between sleeping and waking exists a fuzzy domain of unfamiliar surroundings, convoluted ideas, and insubstantial allegiance.  The music of London duo Sleepwalkers inhabits this realm; with stuttering drum loops, dense synthesizers, and placid guitars, their compositions induce not a dream-like state, but rather the comforting confusion of between worlds.  The five songs on their Pause EP reveal multiple facets of this domain – the surreal voyeurism of ‘Rear Window’, the musical recursion of ‘Lightdrops’, the sinister familiarity of ‘Chasing the Lupine’, and the palpable self-doubt of ‘Glass & Diamonds’.  By the time you encounter the statement, “This hole inside my skull is not big enough” on the last track ‘Antarctica’, it seems not an unreasonable lament.

Check out: Rear Window [mp3] (from Pause EP)



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