Review: Wolfgang Jay – “And We Move”

What’s up Chicago? We’ve been getting a good run of Chicago-based bands, and today we feature another, Wolfgang Jay. In February, the five piece outfit released their debut, And We Move. Wolfgang Jay was originally slated as an “On the Radar” piece, but after repeated listening to And We Move, it was clear that a full review was necessary.

Is it dance rock, electronic rock, or synth rock? It’s hard to classify And We Move.  What’s clear is that Wolfgang Jay is still exploring its musical boundaries, and that they are able to do a lot of things well.  The opener, Transgression, is nice piece of post rock pop with a great hook and catchy chorus. It’s easy to picture a throng of club kids dipping their heads to the pounding drums and ringing rhythm of the guitar. WJ bring back disco too.  The funky Memories Of and Walker are flat out dance tracks, where the former sounds like the Cure gone funk, and the latter shows disco rock influence that recalls Queen’s The Game and Bowie’s Let’s Dance. The tracks Word of Wisdom, One Piece At A Time,  and Away have bounce, but these sound more like new wave and are akin to The Church during their Starfish era.

What’s most surprising about And We Danced is Wolfgang Jay’s willingness to try something different, and make it work. Both of Us is dark and bluesy, departing entirely from the tracks that precede it. The ethereal Now and Then is pure indie rock. The punchy bass on Make Time gives this track an industrial feel not present on other tracks. Seven Sisters, the only track that misses, sounds a bit too much like an 80’s soundtrack with manic synthesizer playing and a repetitive chorus that wears on a bit too much. However, so much of this album is excellent, it’s easy enough to shuffle to another track.

And We Move is aptly named, and well worth dropping some green to get. Check out the tracks below, and then buy Wolfgang Jay’s debut at Bandcamp.

SCORE: 82 

Lyrics: 15/20
Composition: 17/20
Musicianship: 18/20
Production: 18/20
Originality: 7/10
Intangibles: 7/10

Check out: One Piece at a Time [mp3]

Check out: Walker [mp3]

Purchase/Stream: And We Move [Bandcamp]



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