Happy 70th Birthday, Bob Dylan!

I was having a conversation with my mother this weekend, and we were talking about Bob Dylan.  We talked about him for about 40 minutes, and then I concluded the conversation by saying, “I just love him.” My mother replied, “I do too.”

My mother was 14 when he recorded his first album, and bought every one of them through the early 1970’s. My father claims that Dylan helped him get through Vietnam. So you see the exposure I had as a child, and why I might utter those sentiments.

I am stating the obvious when I write, “Dylan is one of modern music’s giants.”  However, you have to think about how long he’s been around and relevant, and it is amazing.  He would have had a great career if he stopped making music at the end of the 1960’s (which he almost did), but instead he released a bunch of other significant albums: Blood on the Tracks (1975), Desire (1976), Infidels (1983), Oh Mercy (1989), Under the Blood Red Sky (1990), Time Out of Mind (1997), Love and Theft (2001), Modern Times (2006) stand out. Don’t even get me started about the Bootleg Series.

All of this to say that I am at once heartened and in a state of awe when I think of the generations of people who love Dylan.  When he left for New York from Hibbing (Minnesota), I wonder if he expected this kind of life.

Happy Birthday, Bob.

From your gushing, crushing, goof of a fan boy…

Go get: this Bootleg from the Big ‘O’ E-Zine (San Antonio 05.11.76)
(Not the best quality, but interesting because he’s playing with the Band)

Check out: Bob Dylan – Shelter from the Storm from May 11, 1976



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