Monday Night with St. Vincent

Last night Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) delivered a blistering performance of Big Black’s Kerosene at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. Backed up by members of the Dirty Projectors, Annie made sure everyone knew that she kicks ass.

Watch: St. Vincent – Kerosene (Big Black Cover)

Clark’s performance was among a number of tributes to late 80’s/early 90’s bands to celebrate Michael Azzerad’s book about the American post punk movement, Our Band Could Be Your Life. You can stream the entire performance on NPR. The shows featured many modern Indie artists covering tracks by 80’s indie icons.

Whilst scrounging the internet, I also found this Planet Claire Session from December 2007, which contains three free download tracks. While not as energetic as the Big Black covers, this is yet another demonstration why Annie Clark is a fantastic guitarist.

Check out: Now Now [mp3] from Marry Me (2007)

Check out: Paris is Burning [mp3] from Planet Clair Session (12/12/2007)



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