On the Radar: Red Light Driver

Celeste Celeste is the third EP from Red Light Driver. The Indianapolis outfit specialize in spacey alt. rock that flows with the guitar tandem of Derek Osgood and Jonathan Harmon, and a steady-as-we-go
rhythm section of Mike Contreras (bass) and Drew Reed (drums). The title track is a prime example of this style. Cantebury Tea slows it down a bit, and has RLD sounding like early Oasis or Blur. The Away Anthem is a nice piece of power pop. Punchy bass and thumpy drums drive the spacey pop of Diamond Rough.  Celeste Celeste is a good pick up that really shows a lot of growth from this Midwestern quartet.  Listen to the title track and then compare it with Lights below.  Lights is a good power pop track, but the title track and other songs on Celeste Celeste demonstrate the growth of this band, and make this latest EP, a great pick up.
Check out: Celeste Celeste [mp3]

Watch: Lights from …And Now We Can Be Ourselves (2009)
Stream: Celeste Celeste [from RLD’s site]
Catch Red Light Driver:
Saturday, May 21, 2011 1:00 PM
Indianapolis, IN
Broad Ripple Art Fair X103 Stage (website)

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