Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: Mother’s Day Edition

I hope all you moms had a great Mother’s Day!

Today’s edition includes: Tel Aviv indie rockers, Lorena B.; plus our favorite weekly tracks, considerations, and videos!

On the Radar: Lorena B

Lorena B  specialize in the experimental electronic genre. Their influences include soft icelandic and harsh electronica, they seem to favor Radiohead. Their debut, Siblings, was electronically released on April 30, and they are set tour the UK starting May 10. Adi Ulmansky’s vocals are at once piercing and melancholy. Guitarists Roey Avital and Yoav Sa’ar play nuanced melodies and riffs, while Ilan Tennenbaum’s double duty on drums and bass is more than impressive. Tennembaum is a strong foundation upon which the entire band can rest and roam freely.

Check out: Swallow my Gum 2

Purchase/Stream: Siblings

Tue, May 10th – The Good Ship, London
Wed, May 11th – Mojo, Liverpool
Thu, May 12th – The World’s End, London
Mon, May 16th – 93 Feet East, London

Weekly Top Tracks

Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean from Helplessness Blues
(out now on Subpop)

Baby Baby – Breakin from Money
(out May 24 on Gospel of Rhythm Recordings)

matt pond PA – Love To Get Used from Spring Fools EP
(out now on Bandcamp)

Consider These:

Videos, Videos, Videos

Lorena B – Swallow My Gum

B I G S L E E P – Sex

Bearfoot Beware – Catbus



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