Pick Up On: The Hit Back

There is a prevalence of musical duos in indie rock these days.  Computerized tools enable smaller units to produce complex, euphonic works in the studio and onstage (insert juvenile Michael Scott comment),   but songs are often rendered underdeveloped, one dimensional, or self-indulgent.  Chicago duo, the Hit Back, do not fall prey to such missteps.  Their indie pop music is spacious, measured, and charming, employing a good balance of electronica and diverse, organic instrumentation.  Their press material succinctly and accurately states, “No microgenres, no niche approaches, just timeless and ornate music.”  Their debut album is Who Are These Weird Old Kids.  The opening track ‘Me and the Kid’ displays deep, soothing, yet simple electronic textures, crisp percussion, and amiable vocal melodies.  ‘Everything Leaks’ resembles Coldplay, with a strong emotional core, but palpable commercial appeal.  ‘Sick of Sweets’ is an extremely brief ditty with amusing, cheeky vocal harmonies, and ‘Tagalong’ is reminiscent of the Rosebuds, with propulsive guitar and soaring organ. What is most remarkable about The Hit Back is the precocious confidence that permeates this record.  Don’t slight The Hit Back; check out their debut record, and keep an ear to the ground to catch what Jesse Hanabarger and Seth Weidmann do next.

Check Out: Me and the Kid




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