Sunday Ramblings and Considerations: May Day Edition

Goodbye, April.

Hello, May!

Welcome back, Ramblings and Considerations!

In this edition: We’re digging Myra Lee and In Golden Tears, Weekly Considerations, and Videos!

Introducing: Myra Lee

photo credit: Tom Chabbat

To many indie music fans, Myra Lee  refers to the title of a 1996 Cat Power album. It is also the nom de plume of a French ingenue, who the French Press is calling the “next” P.J. Harvey.

Cat Power, P.J. Harvey? Pretty big names…

Well, Madmoiselle Lee’s (we’ll play along with the pen name for now) new EP, The Flame in the Eye, withstands the hype and is an excellent recording.  The single, Be Sure is available for free download on Bandcamp. A stream of the entire EP is also available on SoundCloud (link below). Lee hit the NYC earlier this week, and looks to make a splash in the US. Give credit to her handlers, this young artist is making all the right moves,  and should be on a few “Best New Artist” lists in December.

Stream:  The Flame in the Eye EP

Watch: The Flame in the Eye

Catch her in NYC:
May 2, 2011
@ Pete’s Candy Store – 709 Lorimer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Introducing: In Golden Tears

The German band, In Golden Tears, recently completed a tour in the UK. The barely twenty year old band mates shared the stages with Villagers, The Drums, and Flashguns.  The track, Urban Emotions, is a rich post rock anthem that holds much promise for the Hamburg quartet.

Check out: Urban Emotions (laubér Remix) [mp3]

Watch: Urban Emotions (official release)

Consider These:

Yesterday, we posted our first Something for Later mix on the Paper Crane Collective. Fans of Blogophilia will enjoy this mix. It offers tracks that didn’t fit into particular mixes, or were a bit unusual for the series. Many unsigned or foreign bands are on SFL Volume 1.  So, go grab it while you still can!

Whilst fishing the interwebs for live Radiohead tracks, I found a show from their early days. Captain’s Dead has a nice recording of a show at Huddersfield University from 1992. What a piece of nostalgia this is. Plus Johnny Greenwood actually plays guitar.  Amazing… Get this while you can, it’s been up for over a year.
Check out:
Radiohead – 08 – Ripcord (live at Huddersfield University 11-11-1992)

Modest Mouse and Big Boi, together? Yep, it appears so… Check out this blurb from Pitchfork (ever hear of this site?). This is one collaboration that’s guaranteed to be original. What a trip!

Videos, videos, videos…

Dark Dark DarkWild Go

Quit Your Day JobEnvironmental
[Dadada note: this guy gives a new meaning to the word pansexual]

Thao & MirahLove Is A Battlefield (Pat Benatar cover)

Holy Ghost – Wait & See

In Golden TearsUrban Emotions (April 2011 UK Tour)


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