Friday’s Free Feature: Android Angel – “Marble Sun”

On Friday, February 18, we featured the work of Paul Coltofeanu AKA Free Swim. While cheeky and raucous at times, it was well played and highly enjoyable stuff. Coltofeanu is back again.  This time it’s with his band mates, Joe Truscott and Steve Matthews. If Free Swim is Coltofeanu’s Zappa moment, Android Angel is something far more serious and is reminiscent of early XTC, and Pink Floyd during “The Wall” era.

Coltofeanu wrote Marble Sun while staying in Brooklyn, NY during the 2010 summer. It’s as much of New York album as anything else. The early buzz for the album centered on the track, Brooklyn Bridge.  It’s a poignant, reflective love song that would carry most albums. Lafayette Bloomed Violet‘s is led by Coltofeanu’s raspy whisper, while he is supported by pulsing bass guitars and steady time keeping by Steve Matthews.   Toodle Pip and Oh My Love focus on preparing to leave and the feelings of regret when someone’s left behind. Slippers is the one track where Coltofeanu lets loose and rocks out. Concealed Revealed closes out the album strongly with piano chords pounding in what feels like an endless loop anchored again by Matthews’ very capable drumming.  On some of the album, Matthews reminds me of Charlie Watts in the pattern and timing he chooses. Coltofeanu writes the song but his partners do more than support him; they are integral to this project.

This is an excellent recording, and Coltofeanu is getting some buzz in the UK on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 6. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and…

Check out: Lafayette Bloomed Violet

Stream/Download: Marble Sun


Happy Friday!


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