Friday’s Free Feature: Jewelers – “Sleep Education”

Friday’s Free Feature is back with Sleep Education from the Newport, Wales duo, Jewellers. This is our firs FFF of an album from the “ambient electronic” genre. Sometimes these features are more about presenting something good that fits the mood of the day. It’s Good Friday, and it’s awfully tranquil here in Greenville. So why disrupt the mood with our usual raucous, IT’S FRIDAY! music?

Seriously, this album from Messrs. Leaman and Young is quite fantastic. Beautifully layered, hypnotic tracks that do not drone on mindlessly. These tracks evolve, cascading disparate sounds over easy grooves.  It’s definitely more than a headphone trip, as atmospheric sound fills the room effortlessly from speakers.

Check out:
Amber [mp3]

Forward Life [mp3]

Watch: Light Leave Me

Stream/Download: Sleep Education

Happy Friday! 


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