Another stealth release from Radiohead

To celebrate this weekend’s record store day, the boys in Radiohead released a 7″, with tracks Supercollider (unreleased song that is a staple of their recent live performances) and The Butcher.  Surprise releases may be the new norm for Radiohead.  The songs are B-side material; they don’t break any new ground or inspire much awe (as Radiohead songs are wont to do).  Supercollider is a sprawling synthesized alteration of the acoustic-piano live track; The Butcher has strong tribal drumming (reminiscent of There, There) and a gloomy orientation.  You can stream on soundcloud (hat tip Ragged Words).  For those that purchased King of Limbs via Radiohead’s website, check your inbox, as you have access to these tracks.  Gotta love that gesture.

Check out:  Supercollider [stream]

Check out: The Butcher [stream]

Watch: Supercollider (live)


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