Get to know: Superhumanoids

Yes, we know it’s been a long time between posts, and that April has been a slow month for The Dadada.  What can we say?  April is busy month for our “real jobs.” Hopefully, we’ll pick it up a bit for the second half of the month. Today’s feature is the band, Superhumanoids.

The dreamy sound of the Superhumanoids fuses elements of synth pop, new wave, krautrock, and electronica to create music that is entirely original. Yet it is seemingly anachronistic as well, resembling an album plucked from late 80’s college radio. This band is too cool for “chill wave” and too multi-faceted for “dream pop.” Singers Cameron Parker and Sarah Chernoff keep it lively whether singing solo, duet, or backing each other on select tracks.

Yesterday, Superhumanoids released their second EP, Paradise Parasite (see below). It is another strong effort from this foursome, relying more on synth and electronics and less on guitar than their debut, Urgency.  The new album is available for electronic download, but the real catch would be to get a vinyl copy.  Urgency is available as a free download through SoundCloud and the Free Music Archive.

Check out:

Malta [mp3] from the upcoming Paradise Parasite 12″ (order it here).

Contemporary Individual [mp3] from Urgency (free download from FMA)

Superhumanoids  – Persona



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