The City Is The Desert (In Disguise): -(In Disguise)-

The core of the band, The City Is The Desert (In Disguise) (hereafter, TCITD), formed after meeting through an on-line advertisement. Two weeks later, they recorded an EP. Sometimes chemistry works that way. Over a year later, the duo is now a quartet with a full-length release entitled, –(In Disguise)-.

This album is remarkably well balanced, walking the line between accessible and experimental without self-indulgence. The openers WinterCone and Brittle/Coast, are solid indie rockers onto which TCITD could hang their hat if they desired (thank goodness they did not limit themselves). The third track, RopeMen, plods along soulfully until it explodes about two thirds through the track. Rocket 0000 foreshadows what is to come later in the album with sampled, inaudible speaking, droning guitars playing over pinging notes, and a faint metallic drum beat keeping time. Inspired clearly by Sonic Youth, The Compass Factory features fuzzy, noisy guitars that alternate between wailing and droning, and then matched by vocals that go from monotone to scream and back again. While not seamlessly mixed, the last four tracks (Monolith 3.09063, High Tide, Like Death, Only Different, and Monolith (The End)) represent an arc in sound exploration with High Tide taking the listener to another world before returning homeward with Like Death Only Different.

In Disguise is a surprising effort from a band so early in its development. One has to wonder what more time and access to better production facilities will yield for this band. Hopefully, they will maintain the groove they found together.

TCITD is currently touring South Africa, which serves as their home base before heading to the states and blowing everyone’s minds. We look forward to their arrival.

The download link below to Bandcamp is a “pay what you like” link. Please consider spending some greenbacks to help the boys get on their way.


Lyrics: 14/20
Composition: 20/20
Musicianship: 20/20
Production: 13/20
Originality: 8/10
Intangibles: 10/10

Check out:
Brittle-Coast [mp3]
Hightide [mp3]

Download/Stream: -(In Disguise)- [Bandcamp Pay what you like]



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