SpazzFest Saturday (3/26) Preview

SpazzFest’s night activities conclude on Saturday evening at the Tipsy Teapot. We’ve already featured Stuart McLamb from The Love Language (Feature here) and Greenville’s The Charming Youngsters (Feature here). Tonight we conclude our SpazzFest preview with Creepoid (Philadelphia), Far Out Fangtooth (Philadelphia), The Spooks (Philadelphia), The Late Virginia Summers (Lynchburg, VA), Lamont Coal (Greenville), and AWOL One(Los Angeles) and Ceschi (Connecticut).

Philly Bands Come to Play

Creepoid, Far Out Fangtooth, and The Spooks are out of Philadelphia. Creepoid and Far Out Fangtooth are on their way back from SXSW, and stop through Greenville to play a set and hopefully get in a little down time.

We like what fellow Paper Crane Collective Blog, Some Velvet Blog, had to say about Creepoid: “Creepoid has a sad, dark sound. Think Beck and Lou Reed drinking beer at the Modern Lovers practice space listening to Mazzy Star on acid..” If that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what one is.

Watch: Grave Blanket

Buy/Stream Creepoid

Buy/Stream: Far-Out Fangtooth

Check out:
The Spooks – Sleepy Sleepy [mp3]

Buy/Stream: The Spooks

the Late Virginia Summers

The Late Virginia Summers are out of Lynchburg, Virginia. The band is currently a two piece that mixes shoegaze with ambient textures.

Stream songs from their ReverbNation page.

Lamont Coal

Lamont Coal is Matt Grady’s dubstep project.  Matt is excited about the project, and his energy comes through well in his performances.


Stream: Lamont Coal

AWOL One and Ceschi

AWOL One and Ceschi are coming into town after spending some time at SXSW. Mixing hip hop, folk, and electronic music, this act represents something completely different from the other acts this night. Saturday night has something for all.

Check Out:
Awol One and Gel Roc – Reasons to be Cheerful [mp3]

Buy/Stream: AWOL One and Gel Roc – Life Before Death

Watch: AWOL One

Watch: Ceschi – Bad Jokes


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