Mind Spiders

Mind Spiders: Mind Spiders

 From the get-go, the new album by Mind Spiders erupts with kinetic energy that effuses through distorted guitar and propulsive drumming; this is fuzz-fidelity garage rock with great pop hooks to be discovered in the sonic soup of each track. The opening song ‘Go!’ belongs on any sports enthusiast’s pre-game mix CD and will inspire first-pumping and singing along with the chorus, ‘Gooooooo-Oh-Oh!’. ‘Don’t Let Her Go’ is a more polished, high-energy rock song that suggests the Beach Boys and Weezer at their best. Mind Spiders have a 90s alternative ethos, that is reminiscent of the Pixies, but without the art school angst – listen to the guitar lead and driving rhythms on ‘Going Away Tonight’ and ‘One Step Ahead’; ‘Close the Door’ could be a Bossanova B-side. This Denton, Texas band, however, also displays influence of other decades, as evidenced by their 60s spy-guitar thesis song ‘Mind Spiders Theme’ and the 50s melodic doo-wop in songs like ‘Read Your Mind’ and ‘No. 3’. ‘Slippin and Slidin’ is a slice of 70s glam rock, ala T Rex, and ‘Neurotic Gold’ is 80s synth rock, ala Missing Persons. While the inspirations are evident, the album holds together well and is lots of fun. I suspect Weezer wishes they could make a record this jumpy, melodic, and cool.

Check out: No Romance

Watch: Don’t Let Her Go


Lyrics: 15/20
Composition: 17/20
Musicianship: 17/20
Production: 18/20
Originality: 4/10
Intangibles: 7/10


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