SpazzFest Feature: The Love Language

The Love Language started as a project of catharsis, and became a band in the process. McLamb’s first recordings were solo tracks intended to help McLamb get his bearings following some failed relationships and ensuing reckless behavior. Those initial tracks informed his 2009 debut, The Love Language. Spurred to move forward with his life, he assembled a group to record his second album, Libraries, in 2010 on Merge Records. The Wilmington native will play SpazzFest solo on Saturday evening.  His heartfelt, powerful lyrics blast out of his mouth with conviction and soul.

Watch: Nightdogs

Watch: The Recording of Libraries

Watch: Sparxx (Laundromatinee Session)

Watch: Providence (Laundromatinee Session)

Check out:
Heart To Tell [mp3] from Libraries

Lalita [mp3] from The Love Language


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