SpazzFest Feature: Lonnie Walker

Lonnie Walker (photo credit: Todd Cook)

SpazzFest is coming this week to Greenville. We’ve previewed the headliners for Thursday, March 24, Future Islands and Thank You. Now it’s onto the Friday night headliner, Lonnie Walker. Greenville is an old stomping ground of the Raleigh-based band. Starting with Brian Corum’s early house shows, Lonnie Walker has steadily evolved into a full-fledged band with members Josh Bridgers (bass), Raymond Finn (drums), Justin Flythe (keyboards), and Eric Hill (guitar). The 2009 release, These Old Times, opened more than a few eyes and was compared favorably with Dylan’s early electric period. There is some truth to that observation, but Lonnie Walker’s sound is more of an extension of gritty bar bands like The Replacements and The Del Fuegos—rhythmic punks who inspire devotion and cult following.

Watch: Brian Corum of Lonnie Walker – Dive Party

Watch: Lonnie Walker – No Vacation

Watch: Lonnie Walker – Feels Like Right

SpazzFest has a deep connection to Lonnie Walker. The proceeds go to pay medical expenses for band member, Justin Flythe, who is in remission from cancer. The number of acts at this year’s event speaks volumes about the friendships that Lonnie Walker has made in Raleigh, Greenville, and on the road. Friday night should be a monster night, and you can bet it will close well with this headliner.

Check out:
Compass Comforts [mp3]

Summertime [mp3]

Download: Lonnie Walker at Daytrotter

Buy: Lonnie Walker Digg Up Tapes Discography

Buy/Stream: Future Islands/Lonnie Walker 7” Split:


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