Presenting: Truman & His Trophy

With the storytelling ability of Grandaddy and a sonic fury reminiscent of Polvo (albeit more tuneful), Chicago band Truman and His Trophy know how to deliver the goods.  On their second album, Bottom George Pizza Planet, the goods are a collection of prepubescent thoughts, conversations and entreaties, with musings on victuals, birthdays, broken bones, and the strange behaviors of adults – all from the perspective of twelve year old boys.  Bottom George offers a youthful and imaginative perspective on a pizza-themed restaurant and its eponymous hero; you can’t help but feel the song’s writer will be disappointed once he learns that Bottom George is a non-responsive mechanical monster or a guy in a plush costume.  Jake Babe radiates with buoyant, youthful energy, and Jake Hibernates could be a missing track from Grandaddy’s The Software Slump (the singer even sounds like Jason Lytle).  Eternal Nose is a plastic surgery fantasy contrasting the perpetual adventures of an artificial nose with the aging and death of its proprietor.  Everything Is Weird mocks the errant practices of adults, while Slam Dunk pines for physical prowess.  It’s tempting to dismiss the band’s approach as silly or inane, but Truman and His Trophy are able to pull it off because they successfully capture the innocent and spacious wonderment of youth.

Check Out: Jake Babe

Bottom George Pizza Planet will be available 22 March 2011.  In the meantime, you can buy previous albums or download a free EP of Covers (including the ThermalsPillar of Salt and Neutral Milk Hotel’s King of Carrot Flowers, Parts 1 – 3) on their bandcamp page.



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