Consider these…

A few tracks from upcoming releases for your listening pleasure:

Communipaw – Originally a Jersey-based punk outfit, Communipaw made the leap to folk rock in early 2010. Sounds like a big change, right? Listen to Plastic [mp3] from Big Blue, and it’s appears that this was a natural shift.  The self-released, second LP from the band is due out on March 22.

Datarock – is making a special release of the single, Catcher in the Rye on March 21. The “single” is packaged as a designer toy, and placed on a USB stick that features 110 tracks, hundreds of photos from their recent world tour, music videos, and  a brand new hour-long concert film, Never Say Die. Fans can get a sneak peek and download the track, Catcher in the Rye [mp3], which is full of their trademark big bass lines and bouncy beats.

Scattered Trees – The Chicago-based band will release the LP, Sympathy, on April 5 through Roll Call Records/EMI. The album came together following the passing of singer Nate Eisland’s father. The harmonies and instrument arrangement on the track Love and Leave [mp3] are typical of what the rest of the album holds.


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