The “New”

Some new for you as we feature possible Blogophilia tracks from Agnes Obel, Anni Rossi, Phil Cook and His Feat, and Wolf Ram Heart.

Agnes Obel – On April 12, she will release her debut album, Philharmonics, in the U.S. on PIAS America. The Danish expatriate calls Germany home, where she has developed a bit of a following in a short time.  The first single, Brother Sparrow [mp3], is sparse in its arrangement, but nonetheless excellent.

Anni Rossi – Her latest album, Heavy Meadow, is scheduled for release on May 2nd on 3 Syllables. On Land Majestic [mp3], she sings quietly while plucking away at her viola, accompanied by a guitar and a steady drum beat. You can get the complete digital single and b-side with cover art here (it’s a freebie!). Stream and pre-order Heavy Meadow here.

Phil Cook and His Feat will release Hungry Mother Blues on May 10 via Trekky Records. The guitar picking on the instrumental, Ballad of a Hungry Mother [mp3], is reminiscent of TVZ acolyte, Blaze Foley. Cook is part of the NC act, Megafaun.

Wolf Ram Heart – The Ohio-based act will release their debut, Betrayal of Hearts, on April 5 through Sovereign States. The trippy View Girls [mp3] demonstrates their ability to develop complex, layered compositions, while maintaining pop sensibilities. If the rest of the album is like this track, we’ll be talking about this band at the end of the year



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