Fri. Free Feature: Zorch – Demo

Feeling a little freaky this Friday?  Like you drove through a torrid rainstorm last night? Maybe there was some minor flooding and you didn’t make it home until 2:00 AM?  Well, if this sounds anything like you, then you need to hear Zorch. This Friday’s pick is a set of demos from this Austin duo. The tracks are primarily instrumental and very much experimental. Word has it they were featured recently on NPR’s SXSW preview show (at least that’s what they tell us). They’re playing a whole bunch of gigs during SXSW (see schedule below).

While we love the title of the song, Crying During Circumcision is a Shame to the Whole Village, we ask that you check out:

Zorch – Gimme the Axe [mp3]

Stream/Download the Entire EP here:



03/11   New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den (Foburg Fest)
03/13   Denton, TX @ 1006 Alice St. House Party (3pm)
03/13   Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves (w/ Dan Deacon)
03/14   Austin, TX @ Club 1808 (Escapes V “Maiden Voyage”)
03/15   Austin, TX @ Wurhaus – 5305 Bolm Rd. #2 (5pm)
03/15   Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar (w/ Peelander-Z) (9pm)
03/16   Austin, TX @ Second House – 1102 E. 2nd St. (Slip’n’Slide Party – 3pm)
03/16   Austin, TX @ Epoch Coffee (8pm)
03/16   Austin, TX @ Club 1808 (Escapes VII – 11pm)
03/17   Austin, TX @ Domy Books (w/ Japanther) (noon)
03/17   Austin, TX @ The Carousel Lounge (3pm)
03/17   Austin, TX @ The Blue Theater (w/ Joan of Arc, My Education) (9pm)
03/18   Austin, TX @ The Side Bar (w/ Liturgy) (1:30pm)
03/18   Austin, TX @ Fado’s (Rethink Pop Music Showcase) (5pm)
03/18   Austin, TX @ Pearl St. Co-Op (late night)
03/19   Austin, TX @ Old Skool BBQ Bus  (1pm)
03/19   Austin, TX @ Club Deville (Parking Lot Dodgeball Tournament) (4pm)
03/19   Austin, TX @ MALAIA Upstairs (Official SXSW Showcase) (8pm)
03/20   Austin, TX @ The Salvage Vanguard Theatre w/ live puppeteers!

Hey Zorch, come to Greenville, NC!

Happy Friday, Y’all!


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