Watch out for: Flashguns

What’s not to like about the London trio, Flashguns? They demonstrated plenty of energy last year on the single, Come and See The Lights; from which you can get the b-side, Speed & Leisure, for the price of an e-mail.  They recently released a video for the title track of the upcoming LP, Passions of a Different Kind (Friends vs. Records).   In January they made another single, Racing Race, available. Produced by Luke Smith (Foals) and Barney Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap), Racing Race is actually a new recording of a track from a previous EP.

These latter tracks present an interesting contrast in styles, where  Passions of a Different Kind is–well–passionate, and Racing Race is poignant.  Both songs hinge on Sam Felix Johnston’s vocals to set the mood. Instrumentally, their music is reminiscent of 80’s alt. rock and post punk, but not derivative. Rather, it’s a refreshing take on a past genre. Look for the full LP release this summer. Meanwhile, get what you can while you wait for it to drop.

Flashguns – Passions of A Different Kind

Flashguns – I Do Not Love You

Check out:
Flashguns – Racing Race [mp3]

Flashguns –  Passions of A Different Kind (Hugh Worskett Remix) [mp3]

Purchase: Come See the Lights single via eMusic

If you are in the UK, check out their upcoming dates:



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