Sunday Ramblings & Considerations

This edition: We join The Papercrane Collective; plus this week’s cool tracks, considerations, and videos!

Proud Member of the Papercrane Collective (the pcc)

On Monday, February 28, The Dadada joined 23 other music bloggers from across the globe to form The Papercrane Collective. The brainchild of Tsururadio founder, Aaron, The Papercrane Collective is a community of music bloggers who will post features to the collective each month. We at The Dadada are really excited to be a part of this group, many of whom we’ve followed over several years. While we are happy you follow our blog, please check out our fellow citizens from the Papercrane Collective:

The Papercrane Collective at Tsururadio
Dead Journalist
Dipped in Dollars
dyson sound
Music Vagabond
New Music Collaborative
Ride the Tempo
SF Critic
Some Velvet Blog
Sunset in the Rearview
Tadpole Audio
The Blue Walrus
The Needle Drop
This Bonus Track
Those Who Dig
We All Want Someone To Shout For
We Listen For You

This Week’s Cool Tracks

Check out the cool CSNY/Woodstock vibe on White Denim’s latest Drug. White Denim’s album, D, will be released by Downtown Music on May 24 [via].

White Denim – Drug [mp3]

Joan As Police Woman will release her fourth LP, The Deep Field, through PIAS Recordings on April 12. She’s serving up her own brand of funky stuff with The Magic.

Joan As Police Woman – The Magic [mp3]

The 60’s vibe and driving beat make Lovett’s Heartattack a killer track. Lovett’s Highway Collection is due out March 15 on Lovers Label.

Lovett – Heartattack [mp3]

The melancholy, Concerning Past & Future Conquests, is the single from Vandaveer’s upcoming release, Dig Down Deep, from Supply and Demand Music on April 26.

Vandaveer – Concerning Past & Future Conquests [mp3]

Consider these…

Videos, videos, videos…

The Strokes – Under the Cover of Darkness
(03/07/11 update can’t show video because it has Vevo,
and VIMEO video was unauthorized)

Arctic Monkeys – Brick by Brick

Lovett – Eye of the Storm



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