Presenting: The Kickback

‘Mea Culpa Mea Culpa’ is the new four-song EP from Chicago-based band the Kickback.  Formed while front man Billy Yost was a student at University of South Dakota, the Kickback espouse tuneful guitar rock with intriguing but often indiscernible lyrics.  Their vivacious and burly sound barely masks the good natured, small town sensibility inherent in their song-writing.  Their tunes evoke Harry Nillson and Randy Newman, Todd Rundgren and Elvis Costello.  In their own words, their sound yearns to be: “the Zombies listening to Jeff Buckley listening to a moderately-talented church choir listening to The Beatles in the “back to basics” stage of their career who would stay together long enough to be influenced by the Sales brothers who wound up backing Iggy Pop in the “Berlin era.”  Whew!

Check out:
The Kickback – Sting’s Teacher Years [mp3]

Watch: the live video for the tune “Soft Sciences”:



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