Presenting: Overlord

Overlord is a mis-named indie-rock band from Brooklyn via Philly; no they are not the next “big thing” in goregrind (as if), but you’ll probably be willing to forgive them their choice of moniker.  Their style runs the length of modern popular rock ‘n’ roll music of the previous century, from ’60s garage rock to ’90s alternative, with heavy dose of ’80s English twee pop.  Their new album IN SOVIET RUSSIA, MY HEART BREAKS YOU (out April 1) offers up-tempo & lo-fi tunes that celebrate this wide range of styles, sounding somewhat like the New Pornographers (with the same cheeky approach to melody and harmonies, but lacking the depth and variety of the New Ps).  Two tracks bear uncanny resemblance to ‘90s Athens indie-rock – ‘Battle Hymn of the Romantic’ (which sounds like Elf Power) and ‘Keep if from the Baby’ (which sounds like Empire State).  If you are yearning for catchy, playful, melodic nostalgia (without having to drag out your old records), give this album a try.

Check out:

Overlord – Keep it from the Baby [mp3]

Overlord – Oh, My Mechanical Heart! [mp3]



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