Tracks from Today’s New Releases

Not to be confused with weekly singles… here are some tracks from today’s new releases post-President’s Day…CHEERS!–CLIF

Swim Club from The Cave Singers – No Witch

Egg on a Sea from Cotton Jones – Sit Beside You Vegetables

The Bat Watusi from Hotels – On the Casino Floor

Too Beautiful To Work from The Luyas – Too Beautiful To Work

Laughing with You from Marcellus Hall – The First Line

The Kids We Used To Be from
Phineas and the Lonely Leaves – The Kids We Used To Be

Love You Dearly from
PT Walkley – The Ghost of Chivalry EP

Hold But Let Go from
Six Organs of Admittance – Hold But Let Go


One response to “Tracks from Today’s New Releases

  1. thanks for sharing! great songs. i really love the luyas one, can’t wait to hear it live again this saturday.

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