Monday Ramblings and Considerations

What a weekend! Radiohead releases, my kids have a sleepover, I throw out my back trying to impress my kid and his friends with my cool Dr. J finger roll, and I completely miss Sunday’s post.  Oh, well!

Radiohead’s King of Limbs Released:
World Goes Crazy

Count me among the many Radiohead fan boys who purchased a digital download of Radiohead’s King of Limbs last Friday.  I’ve listened to it at least two dozen times.  I like it, but I am not 100% sure where it stands in the Radiohead catalogue.  Here’s how I rank their albums:

1) In Rainbows
2) The Bends
3) OK Computer
4) Kid A
5) Amnesiac
6) Hail to the Thief
7) Pablo Honey

I am probably a bit of an oddity for a Radiohead fan. Kid A is sort of my line in the sand for what I consider “very good” releases by the band, but I am thinking King of Limbs might be the new line, as it’s a shade less than Kid A, but still very good.  I am not one to get up and cheer for Amnesiac or Hail to the Thief.  Each of these has its moments, but they are a bit below par for the band.  Don’t get me started about Pablo Honey.

You tell me what you think (if you haven’t heard it already); listen to the entire album stream below:

Can’t understand why this track is left to hang out there on its own:

Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words [mp3]

Of course Thom Yorke set the world on fire with his performance
in the video for Lotus Flower:

It kind of reminds me of this:

The past week’s interesting singles
(under consideration for Blogophilia 26):

tUnE-yArDsBizness [mp3] from w h o k i l l
out April 19th on 4AD

Matthew Sawyer and the GhostsMynah Birds Call [mp3]
from How Snakes Eat out March 15 on Fire Records

The ExtraordinairesThe Big Show [mp3] from The Postcard EP
out March 22 on Punk Rock Payroll

JookaboxPayroll [mp3] from The Eyes of the Fly
out April 26 on Asthmatic Kitty

Videos, videos, videos…

Cut Copy – Need You Now

Oh, Polly Jean, why are you so fantastic?
PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

You might like this extended version of Lotus Flower:

And I can’t dance…



2 responses to “Monday Ramblings and Considerations

  1. The new album feels a bit slight. I didn’t love In Rainbows, but it had some heft at least. Too early to judge, but (and my tastes are clearly far different than yours …) here’s my ranking.

    1. OK Computer
    2. Hail to the Thief
    3. The Bends
    4. Kid A/Amnesiac (works much better as one double album)
    5. In Rainbows
    6. King of Limbs
    7. Pablo Honey

    The last two albums have left me not very excited. Dunno.

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