Fri. Free Feature: 2 From Free Swim

Free Swim represents music from the mind of Paul Coltofeanu, who has been very busy these last few months recording and releasing the EPs, Two Hands Is OK and Yolanda the Panda.  I have to admit that when I arrived at the Free Swim page, I thought I stumbled upon something intended for children.  Man, was I wrong. It’s not that kids can’t listen to these tracks; it’s all clean, but this is very creative indie rock for adults (and kids who can read good).

Two Hands Is OK

Two Hands Is OK tells the story of a man who is so busy, he has two hands sewn to his chest. He makes this odd choice because he want to increase his productivity and quickly lighten his workload.  He soon realizes that the surgery was a bad idea.  Lucky for him, he has a good woman.  I’ll leave it at that.  The story may seem quirky, but the delivery is excellent.  It’s the lost David Bowie/Frank Zappa collaboration for which we’ve all been looking.  Yes, it’s Friday and I am fried.  I need to get more sleep or maybe sew some hands on my chest or something.  My insomnia aside, Two Hands… is better than OK; it’s imaginative, experimental and fun.

Check out:
Free Swim – Quality Time with the Wife and Kids [mp3]

Yolanda the Panda

So if you thought the last album’s story was a bit odd, you’ll love this one. Yolanda the Panda is the story of how the first Giant Panda climbed Mount Everest. What is it with indie rockers and Pandas anyway? It’s all good once again for Free Swim, even better on this EP as the band shows a bit more range and solid music chops.

Check out:
Free Swim – Swooping Swoopily Like A Swooping Swooper [mp3]

Download: Fresh Swim – Two Hands Is OK [Bandcamp]
Download: Fresh Swim – Yolanda the Panda [Bandcamp]

Happy Friday, y’all…


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